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1- Simulation and modeling lab
The lab offers state-of-the-art machines with various CAD, CAM tools and Ansys High frequency Structure Simulator for structure design. The lab facilitates the post graduate researchers for extensive simulation work. A task distribution feature on server machine for fast computing is also available. 

2- PCB circuit fabrication lab
The lab offers high quality PCB manufacturing using chemical etching facilities. The lab consists of double sided UV exposure unit, laminator, complemented with bubble etching and spray etching facility. Lab offers prototyping as well as bulk production facility. Double sided PCBs with edge to edge separation of 300 microns and strip width of 300 microns are realizable.  

3- RF measurement lab
The lab is equipped with high-end measurement facilities. We have complete range of RF active and passive circuits test facilities from few MHz to 26GHz that involves two Agilent vector network analyzer, three Agilent spectrum analyzers, Agilent Digital storage oscilloscope upto 6GHz bandwidth, Agilent vector signal generator with various standards of modulations, Agilent noise generator, frequency counter, power meters, Anritsu universal test fixture, X-Band waveguide setup, amplifier, power splitter, DC power analyzer, etc.  

4- Antenna radiation pattern measurement setup
This is indigenously developed high-end antenna radiation pattern measurement setup that has been created recently. The setup is capable of measuring patterns from 700 MHz to 26.5 GHz with high precision. 3D radiation pattern, Group delay, co-polar, cross-polar, E and H plane patterns are measureable at multiple frequency points. The system as also offer complex radiation patterns to be used in diversity analysis.   

5- Rapid prototyping laboratory
This is a recently established fabrication facility which caters for a number of packaging demands. It has capabilities of producing multilayer printed circuit boards with the help of a fully automatic milling machine, through hole plating, automatic component placement down to 0210 package, solder reflow, Low temperature co-fired ceramics, screen printing, 12 ton hydraulic heated press, furnace, miter saw, Multi-axis CNC milling, lathe works and associated tasks.